Friday, July 10, 2009

What's new?

Well guys and dolls it's time for a little blog. I wanted to update you on all things going on in my world.
Lets start with my labels PROPA TALENT/IMPROPA TALENT.
We stopped releasing material for a few months because we have moved to a new distribution company, this all takes a long time, but the good news is we are ready to relaunch again.
Standby for our first release coming soon!

My album Synthesis (follow up to "Learning Curve") will be released in the fall
There will be an official press announcement as to what label this is coming out on soon. I don't want to ruin the surprise.

I have formed a new drum and bass band called METASYN. we are half way done with this new drum and bass project, you will start to see this everywhere soon.... keep a close eye on DRUM AND BASS ARENA-METASYN is coming.

As for me personally, Synthesis took 2 years of my life to finish,5 years to create as I had to live a little,get some life experiences and all that so I could write something meaningful. I had big shoes to fill after Learning Curve. And finally nearly 40,000 of my hard earned cash to really bring to life.I wanted to make the best record I could make without anyone cramping my style. I did it with the best musicians out there,who lovingly brought my pre-live pieces to life. These people are now life long friends that changed me forever.

So thank you for all your support I am uploading a free track for those who sign up to the mailing list
Enjoy what's coming! Luv and bass DJRAP.