Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What can I say about Miami this year? as a veteran,( Ive been going for over 10 years) I've seen alot of changes, people seemed to be wise to it it now, for example, it;s so damn expensive that people really plan their 3 to four days,( hotels cost from 200 to 800 per night) it used to be that everyone went for a week and we all moved like a crazed herd from one party to the nest, totally united. now we are all fragmented, no more long waits to get in, no more attitude from the bouncers. we trust brands now, not the DJ, we believe those promoters that throw quality not quantity. everyone thinks this business is easy, but ask those who lost money if they think that's the case now. Is this good or a bad thing? well we shall see....for me it was good, I knew where to go and when to be there, I knew who I wanted to see and ignored the rest.I got so much business done that for once it actually helped my label and career...meetings at 9am on the beach can't be a bad thing except for the fact I was in bed after my sets most nights. I know, I know, lame. still, I played 5 shows that were wicked and the early bird certainly catches the worm....
Best party? JUICY..... and can I say how fucking cool ROBBIE RIVERA is? I'm so happy to see him and his team doing so well, they worked hard for it.
I met up with my artistes sanchez and the shockers and joey modus and we all performed together at EUPHORIA which was awesome..... I love those guys,after the show wearing wigs and having a blast we went to OPIUM GARDENS where we hung out some more with PAUL VAN DYK. who is also the most incredibly cool, nice cat, I wanna say thanks to all at his camp for being so very hospitable.... now, earlier, at the IDMA awards I had won an award for BEST DRUM AND BASS ALBUM, 'BRAVE NEW WORLD" this was collaboration of myself and KENNY KEN and HYPE, RANDALL, G SQAUD , DJ SS, and many more....we made this eons ago, so it was really nice to finally get recognized....( and I got to wear a dress which shocked many).....especially my publicist LAINE. Now this woman is a force to be reckoned with, and boy, does she get the job done. We have been through alot together and sometimes it was tough, but she always does everything out of real love and passion for this scene and is a fierce supporter of electronica. So, THANKS YOU LAINE!!!!
I could go on for hours about the good times but I can't really print it, no doubt you all have stories far superior to mine anyway.......whether it's a good thing or a bad thing is measured by the memories you will take home with you, whether it's an award, a new boyfriend or a hangover or just a plain grand old time....see you next year!!!

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Clarice said...

Congradulations! I knew you would come back with an award for something! Job well done! I was listening to Brave New World last week!