Sunday, March 22, 2009

"So You Wanna Be a DJ Part 17?" Victory

The importance of " victory".What does it mean? I believe victory is for believers and for those who believe in it long enough. You see this picture above? That is my team in the studio ( well some of them anyway!) Left to right, Chris wood( mix engineer) me ( writer), Andy Irvine ( bass guitar) Chevy Bhorntus ( producer/composer). A happy team means a great experience making what will hopefully be a great album!
It is important to be realistic and keep your feet on the ground in this business. It is easy to let success get to your head, and as my mother always said, " be nice to those on the way up, because you never know who you need on the way down". I have seen so many people who started out cool and ended up wankers, They were " hot" for a minute, full of ego, but soon disappeared when their 15 minutes of fame cooled down. Our biggest enemy- is EGO. Better to have a long career than a short one!!!!
I have worked with some of the best in the business, Mark Isham, Hans Zimmer and these amazing composers taught me a valuable lesson early in my career....
It does not get much bigger in the world of Hollywood music score .These titans are so humble, as with any great human who is not fearful, they are quietly confidant, with no need to tear others down or brag about their accomplishments. You will find in the world not only in music, that those who do this are often unsuccessful which is exactly the reason they behave in this way. They are terrified they will remain so.... Because I had the opportunity to watch these composers work I realized early on how far I had to go ( god all I do is produce dance music ha ha) and that if I ever did indeed make it, would try to be like them, in other words be grateful not hateful!!!!
I struggle still with this concept, we all do. None of us are perfect but I honestly try on a daily basis to be the person I want others to see..the person I want to truly be. Some times I win, sometimes I fail, but I chose to not beat my self up but try again...I often ask " could I have handled that situation better?" If so I learn from it and adjust.
The desire to be noticed for all the hard work you do is strong, ( if the force is strong with you) sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the oil right? Maybe, however I have learned that it is your ability to be consistent and endurance and your self belief that really pays off as well as your talent. That is victory.
What is my point? well you you make it and your out there a million eyes are on you, people dying to be where you are ready to tear you down, make up stories,always with a camera (those damn phones lol) blogs, forums..the INTERNET. So be smart, be polite and when ever you work with people above all, be professional. If you are in a studio session be nice to whoever you are working with,especially the runners, you can be sure they will tell everyone if your an asshole who demands vodka at 3 am and doesn't leave a tip! Pay everyone on time, I pay everyone before- if I am using session musicians-just so they feel comfortable and this always elevates the mood because they feel safe. It goes a long way because so few do this ....YOU will stand out. After all, your gonna pay them anyway right? Be original!!!!!
If you take drugs/drink , be private,doing this in front of your crowd on the decks is so cheesy
( yes I see it all the time) otherwise you will end up like some djs who are more famous for that than their talent, promoter, agents, we all live in a small pond so be smart about who you chose to swim with!!!! look at any star who is famous for their fuckups instead of their art...they will have to constantly fuck up to be interesting because sadly, that's all they have. Being famous just to be famous is so lame but then, if you are a real artiste you won't crave fame or be in love with the idea of fame, you'll be too busy actually creating art .
I just finished adding the final touches to my album,( synthesis out in fall) I worked with some of the best musicians in the business, and it was so nice to have them say so many nice things and cut me a deal to boot because they enjoy working with me. I hope to work with them over and over because it is hard to find great people, so it pays to make it fun and keep it clean. After all, its not so much what you did that people remember, but how you did it.
Hope this helps, luv n bass, DJ RAP

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