Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"So You Wanna Be a DJ Part 18?" Motivation

The importance of motivation. What flicks your switch?
So some time has passed and WMC is but a distant memory,was it really that great? (Yes,if only I could keep that feeling.) Back in the real world, my day is chained to my computer ( I actually love it) and late night studio sessions. If one stops to think if what they are doing makes sense, you would go crazy. I close my eyes and leap off that cliff with no feather mattress to land on. Faith is my parachute, hope is the wind. Jagged rocks of uncertainty below me.
Sometimes it gets so hard to be motivated . Some-one else is always doing better than you, but I try to remember that someone is also doing worse. You only have to watch CNN to know how lucky we are.
I am a little disposed you might say because I do alot for my art. Blogging, videos,spend all my money on the business of making business,podcasts,running two wonder if it all actually leads to anything. If you want to buy my records you will,right?( unless your sad and steal music) does me making videos help you do that? I guess this months important question is: is all this viral/Internet/social networking worth it? Does it help your business? Or does it de-motivate you?
I ask this because I think it can de motivate you,It can be a time-suck, take you away from the real business in the studio,unless your sick like me I actually enjoy it. I am curious as to my fans opinion.So I hope a ton of you give me feedback re this issue, I really do.I personally enjoy talking to you,it gives me the motivation to keep going,God knows I need all the help I can get,we are only human after all.
As my mum says, we all bleed when cut. Amen to that!
I wake up get my tea ( I am a Britt) answer fans in my space etc... and there is nothing better than someone saying how your music helped them through a tough time. It is humbling to know soldiers risking their life took a minute to write and say my music helped them jump out of a plane, while training,getting ready to risk their lives. I say don't do it to sell records, do it because it makes you feel good. That's my motivation. You. ( and a little vodka).

Find something that can take yo away from the studio,live a little, it will make your music better,full, mature. I guess I will never be rich in money,but in my soul I am a billionaire.

Hope this helps, luv n bass, DJ RAP

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