Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"so you wanna be a dj ?" 19 some help 4 u.

We are at episode 19 of this series and I want to take a break from the dj/production side of things for a moment.Because through your journey ahead you will be cast on oceans of waves, jagged cliffs and tremendous winds....challenges indeed. You need to cope well when these storms hit you,I have learned a few tricks along the way,because people were kind enough to save me when I was drowning in my sea. This will help you as a person, your more than a DJ you know!
The goal is to be a great human, everything else comes second in my opinion, what we leave behind is our legacy. Who will care when your gone? who cares now? It is an important question,few take the time to ask themselves if what they do effects others in a positive way providing light,or do you keep providing shade?
Before I start I wish to thank my boyfriend Chevy,Chris,Eve,Josh,Paul,Jerry and The Sakyong Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche
These people have helped me find an inner peace that was lost to me before.There are many more people who have helped me on my journey in so many ways and I thank them all.
Now, here are some cool dvd's to watch and some great books to read.Lets start with some dvd's.
1.Down the rabbit hole, what the bleepThis is quantum physics at it's best. It also changed my life, my attitude and really is interesting, I dare you to try it!!!!
2.Deepak Chopra the essential dvd collection
3. Fast food nationKnowledge is power,know what you put into your body,the goal is to have a healthy mind,soul and body.
4.supersize me.You will never eat junk food again!
5.Eckhart Tolle's findhorn retreat " stillness amidst the world" In fact get everything he does....
Books. I love to read because I am on planes all the time,what better use of your time?
Here are some of my favs.
coversations with god,The power of now,The sedona method,A new Earth,Effortless mastery( this is a must, liberating the master musician within)the seven spiritual laws of success,How to know god ( Deepak Chopra).
By the way, I am in no way suggesting you don't pepper this with your horror movies...
(I do) or stop reading US magazine ( sad to say I sometimes do...) Or stop watching AMERICAN IDOL (go Adam Lambert!!!!!)Just open your mind to it all,it's a big world out there.
Meditation is hard to learn but well worth it. I am trying this every other day,again really tough.But If I can't control my mind and be still,there will always be " noise".
Exercise should simply be part of your life. There are no excuses. It creates endorphins that make you HAPPY as well as the obvious benefits.
I hope some of you have the same great results I have found with this...remember life is about go taste them all!!!!!
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