Tuesday, September 22, 2009

'So You Wanna Be A Dj?' part 21-The Art Of Control

In today's world we can all too easily spin out of control, whether you are poor or rich we can let others control our lives, sometimes without even realizing it-a little like 'sleep-living' as I like to call it. What does this have to do with music?

Well, say you are one of the lucky artistes that makes it. Your earning cash, you have a manager, an agent, a a business manager, a lawyer (OK, you get it) you ARE the food chain that everyone feeds off. Say that is YOU. What happens if you're not in control of your future, if your ship is getting steered by someone else s agenda? You may be doing well but I have learned the hard way that no one cares as much as you do about yourself.

Do you really think there are people out there who say " for 20 percent I am going to stay up nights worrying about how to make my client famous?" I bet your the only one staying up worrying about your future.

This does not mean there are no good folk out there, but so many people think a manager is going to save them, or someone will be pivotal in their career. I am here to tell you that someone is YOU. Having a great manager is wonderful-go for it! However, maintaining and overseeing all that happens in the world of you is key. Don't go off thinking all your world is safe and all you need to do is be an 'artiste' while you pay everyone to take care of your 'baby'. That baby is yours!!!!!!! you created it, went through all the shit to see it blossom, know what I mean? If you look after it well, it will do the same for you when your as old as history.

All I am saying is your great, you got this far, hiring the right team is important, but do not think that that's all it takes. Learn the business your swimming in, for it is full of sharks. Knowledge is real power. I have said many times that all you need to do is watch what others do, the answers are always provided for us- if you know where to look. However trusting your gut, that little voice is so important.
Better to try an idea and fail than try nothing and watch others do what you wish you had the balls to do 4 years earlier. I know, it's happened to me. I have had some great ideas and people say ' oh no that won't work' like a slave I thought they must know what they are talking about surely? Only to see someone else do the very same idea and make tons of cash. Hard pill to swallow! But a valuable lesson indeed.

Remember, you got you here. It will be you that cares the most so trust your gut.
I try to remember that I can't kill anyone if I make a mistake so go ahead make it because it is the best way to learn. Learn how to run a label, how to produce how to market yourself, social media, Wikipedia! LEARN IT ALL. Become a JEDI in your world, master it, I have faith in you for the force is strong in us musicians.

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